Sunday, 19 October 2014

Completed: Classic Breton Shirt

Looking through my closet the other day I realised I have so many completed items that haven't been blogged yet!! The one that really stands out is my classic Breton shirt with a twist. I have been wearing this shirt to DEATH over the past few months (yes, its been finished for that long!!) so much so that its started to ball up and look rather ugly. But that's OK because there was a number of things I wasn't happy with in the end with this shirt. I'm hoping to make another one exactly the same, hopefully only this time without all the errors of the last one. The fabric turned out to be a total bitch to find. I ended up finding the perfect fabric online at Harts Fabric over in the States. It was pretty expensive ($17US per yard from memory) and the postage to Australia cost me almost as much as the fabric itself!! But striped knit fabric is turning out to be very hard to source and I had my heart totally set on making a similar shirt to this one by T by Alexander Wang.

I used the Ensis Tee pattern by Papercut Patterns (so in love with this pattern company!!) as the pattern design matched my inspiration perfectly. I did my best to match the stripes but a combination of a first-time sewing with stretch fabric and no prior experience in pattern matching proved to be my downfall. Also taking more than 4cm off each side seam doesn't help much either. All up it proved to be an epic fail in the stripe matching department with only one seam in the whole thing matching perfectly. Ah well, they say that practice makes perfect!

With the next one I'm thinking I might make a smaller size as I ended up taking at least 4cm off each side seam and a couple cm off the sleeve and underarm seams.
Despite all the errors in this shirt I still love it and wear it proudly. I think its important to remember that most RTW clothing (even the more expensive ones) often don't get the pattern matching perfectly either. I think sometimes we can be too critical and demand perfection of our me-mades so I'm trying not to get too bogged down by my unmatched seams. As for the fit its not perfect either but its comfortable and easy to wear. I'm looking forward to having another one of these in my closet!

Inspiration: T by Alexander Wang RRP$235
My Classic Breton Shirt $50.50
Fabric: approx 1yard white striped fabric $17.00 approx 1/2 yard navy striped fabric $8.50
Pattern: Ensis Tee by Papercut Patterns $25.00

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